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Ghostlight Coffee is partnering with GoZERO Services, GreenSpeed Products, our baristas, and, most importantly...our customers for a no-waste coffee shop experience. The coffeehouse has introduced a new composting system, all compostable single-use carry out items, and an affordable line of reusable mugs, tumblers and stainless steel straws.

New composting procedures made possible through GoZERO’s commercial food waste services will encourage guests to discard waste into proper containers for collection. Shop employees and signage will educate and remind guests of the color coding system (blue for recycling, green for composting, and black for landfill trash). All hot and cold beverage cups, plates, and utensils will be from GreenSpeed Products, making them fully compostable — green bin, please!


In addition to it’s composting efforts, Ghostlight is encouraging frequent guests to purchase reusable items such as cold drink tumblers, travel mugs, and metal straws. The stainless steel straws, released earlier this summer, have been a promising early sign. Ghostlight has had to restock three times within the first month!

The coffee shop is working towards a goal of 90% of all service items being either compostable or recyclable by the end of the year.